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A, B, C, D, K, P group vehicles can be rented by persons who have a driving license valid for at least 2 years and are over 25 years old. F, G group vehicles can be rented by persons who have a driver's license valid for at least 5 years and are over the age of 28. H group vehicles can be rented by persons who have a driving license valid for at least 7 years and are over 30 years old.


Minimum rental period is 24 hours.


Prices include the right to use the vehicles for 250 kilometers, insurance, lubrication and technical maintenance costs. Fuel, Personal Accident Insurance, One-Way Fee, Delivery / Receiving Fee, Baby Seat Fee, Navigation Fee and 18% Value Added Tax are calculated separately. While the vehicles are delivered to the customer, the amount of fuel in the tank is marked in the contract. For vehicles returned with missing fuel, the fuel difference is charged together with the service fee.


The vehicle can be used by the person (s) other than the renter; It is possible by showing the Driver's License information of the additional driver (s) on the Lease Contract for a fee. In the event of determination of the contrary situation and / or any accident, all insurances are deemed invalid and the person / persons who rent and drive the vehicle are held separately, separately and jointly responsible.


Delivery can be made to İzmir province, districts and surrounding provinces. In addition, pricing is made according to the place to be delivered to and from Adnan Menderes Airport.


1/3 of the daily rental price of the vehicle is charged for every 1 hour delays in the return of the vehicles, and the daily fee is charged for delays over 3 hours.


Arslanbey Rent a Car considers it as duty to insure its customers both as ordered by law and in line with their preferences. Therefore, it offers two types of insurance to its customers. First one; Traffic Insurance, which is within the scope of compulsory insurance as required by law, and the other is Damage Liability (motor own damage), Theft and Personal Accident Insurance within the scope of optional insurances prepared to provide trust and safety in line with the needs of its customers. You can get detailed information from our office. Tire splits, glass and headlight breaks and spare wheel stolen are not covered by insurance. In addition, if the renter is 100% defective in the accident report, the insurance is invalid.


The total amount of the lease is allocated in advance at the beginning of the contract. In addition, in order for the lease to take place, the lessor must have one of the known credit cards. VAT is not included in our prices.


Any liability and financial penalty arising from non-compliance with traffic laws belong to the tenant. The time that will pass due to the fact that the vehicles are kept by official or local authorities for whatever reason is accepted within the term of the contract.


The vehicle; It should not be used under the influence of alcohol, drugs or outside the legal speed limits. Otherwise; The vehicle is excluded from the insurance coverage, the driver of the vehicle is held responsible for all damages and is responsible for paying the rental fee of the days the vehicle spent in repair. In the event of any accident or theft of the vehicle, the nearest police or gendarmerie station should be contacted to obtain accident, theft and alcohol detection reports without changing the location of the vehicle. Otherwise, all insurances purchased will be deemed invalid and any damage incurred will be collected from the tenant, including material and moral losses given to third parties. If the vehicle breaks down or if you need support for any reason, you can get help by calling our office or 24-hour gsm numbers. Reservations made can be canceled 24 hours in advance, the deposit received after booking is not refunded.

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