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As our priority to protect and ensure the security of your personal data, we have prepared this "Clarification Text" in the capacity of Data Supervisor in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (hereinafter referred to as "KVKK") and other relevant legislation. Within the framework of this Disclosure Text and the regulation titled "Disclosure Obligation of Data Officer" in Article 10 of the KVKK; Which personal data will be processed for what purpose and legal reason, to whom and for what purpose your processed personal data can be transferred, the method of collecting your personal data, and your other rights to request information regarding your personal data listed in Article 11 of the KVKK and your other rights and how you will exercise these rights. We would like to inform our valued customers about.

"Personal data", all kinds of information, including those included in the contract, regarding an identified or identifiable real person (customer),

"Special quality personal data" is used by the person's (Personnel's) race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, costume and dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures. relevant data and biometric and genetic data,

"Processing of personal data" obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, reorganizing, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making personal data fully or partially automatic or non-automatic, provided that it is a part of any data recording system. All kinds of operations performed on data such as classification or prevention of use,

"Data processor" refers to the natural or legal person who processes personal data on his behalf based on the authority given by the data controller.

In accordance with KVKK, as "Data Supervisor"; "Your identity and address information, fixed and mobile phone numbers that you have communicated to us under the car rental contract" and any other personal data you have transmitted / provided / provided to our company in accordance with the conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law and all relevant legislation provisions. as;

  • Fulfilling and developing our company's duties, powers, obligations, services and activities in accordance with the legislation,

  • Determination, planning and implementation of company policies,

  • Ensuring the data security of our company's customers, business partners and legal entities with which they have commercial relations,

  • Providing necessary information upon requests from public institutions and organizations, especially judicial authorities, in accordance with the legislation,

  • Ensuring that legal obligations are fulfilled as required or required by legal regulations,

  • Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures in order to ensure the security of our company activities and practices,

  • Creating and tracking visitor / customer / records,

  • Sharing good / bad comments about the customer with other program partners (member rent a car companies within Rmira Teknoloji A.Ş.

  • In addition, fulfillment of the provisions of the Property Ownership Law No. 634, the provisions of the secondary legislation regarding the laws enumerated by the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, the obligations arising from the tax legislation and the conditions required by other authorized public authorities and other relevant legislation provisions.

can be stored, used, updated, shared, transferred and processed in other copies.

Your personal data protected under the Law, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated by the Law and in accordance with the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, for the purposes stated above; In particular, the service providers that provide infrastructure and software support that we benefit from and cooperate with, our business partners, official institutions and organizations such as regulatory and supervisory institutions, lawyers, tax consultants and third parties from whom we receive consultancy; Our business partners, suppliers, shareholders, branches, legally authorized institutions and organizations, in accordance with the law and the principles of honesty and with the principle of proportionality, which can be shared by ensuring data security with confidentiality agreements that can be shared, have sufficient protection or commit to adequate protection will be able to transfer to foreign countries where the data controller is located.

These personal data are based on the legal reason "it is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not harmed" specified in Article 5 of the Law and, based on the above-mentioned purposes, via telephone, camera, computer, fixed and mobile lines, It is processed automatically, manually or in writing.

Under the law; To learn whether your personal data has been processed, to request information if your personal data has been processed, to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used for their purpose, to know the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred at home or abroad, to request correction of your personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing. Request notification of the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred to the correction and / or deletion or destruction of your personal data in case your personal data are incomplete or inaccurate, and to object in the event that an unfavorable result will arise in case your processed data is processed exclusively through automated systems, You have the right to demand the compensation of the damage in case of damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.

Your requests in your applications within this scope are concluded by Studyzone International Education Limited Company as soon as possible and free of charge, within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of your request. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Board may be requested.

You can send us your request to exercise your rights within the scope of Article 11 of the Law "regulating the rights of the person concerned" above, in writing in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the KVKK or by other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in writing through a notary public or by registered mail Or you can send it to our e-mail address.

We reserve the right to make changes in the application principles and the text of this information and consent due to the changes to be made in the KVKK and other relevant legislation and the principles to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

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